Is dust-free sanding possible

Written by Matti Rossi

Last published at: July 5th, 2021

Yes, true dust-free sanding is possible with Mirka dust-free system.

Dust is traditionally associated with sanding and many has accepted that sanding is a dusty job. Let us share with you on how Mirka makes dust-free sanding possible and find out the abundance of health, productivity, time and cost benefits that comes with dust-free sanding.

Mirka dust-free sanding system with Abranet® keeps the environment free of sanding dust, so that we are not breathing in the harmful dust. And we do not need to clean up the surroundings after sanding. Environment is kept clean all the while.

We wish to welcome you on a journey to a dust-free world with Mirka. Visit our Dust-free Perfection Minisite for more information. You can also find out about the advantages with dust-free sanding from the video below or read about the dust-free journey in Abranet® White Book.

Inventing the Revolution

When Mirka invented dust-free sanding, it truly revolutionised sanding,” says CEO Stefan Sjöberg.