Are the 77mm and 150mm sanding heads interchangeable

Written by Matti Rossi

Last published at: July 5th, 2021

Mirka backing pads are carefully balanced to keep tools running efficiently and effectively. An incorrect backing pad causes the weight of the pad to change, which in turn can affect vibration levels.

It is not recommended to interchange Mirka DEROS 5650CV and Mirka DEROS 325/350CV backing pads and doing so may invalidate your machine warranty.

There are 2 backing pads available for the Mirka DEROS 5650CV:

Mirka code for 150mm backing pad - 8292605011

Mirka code for 125mm backing pad - 8292502511

The recommended 77mm backing for Mirka DEROS 350CV and 325CV - 8294791211