What is included in the Golden Finish Kit

Written by Matti Rossi

Last published at: July 6th, 2021

Mirka Golden Finish Kit

includes the following items:

Mirka code: KITGOLDEN

Golden Finish 1, film product, 150 mm 15H, for sanding large surfaces - 10 pcs
Golden Finish 2, Foam (soft) product, 150 mm, for conditioning of scratches - 5 pcs
Golden Finish SR, Microproduct, 32 mm Channel PSA, for sanding small defects - 100 pcs
Polarshine® 20, Polishing compound, 250 ml - 1 pc
Polarshine® 5, Finishing compoiund, 250 ml - 1 pc
Golden Finish Pad-1, Yellow waffle, 155x25 mm - 1 pc
Golden Finish Pad-2, Black waffle, 155x25 mm, for dark surfaces - 1 pc
Cleaning Cloth, soft micro fiber - 2/pack
Cooling bag - for storing the products and including information leaflet in bag pocket