myMirka app functions & features

Written by Matti Rossi

Last published at: September 8th, 2021

Data storage and use

myMirka sends the data to Mirka’s database. Mirka obtains, records, processes, uses and transfers the following data from myMirka: Account registration (e.g. name, address, e-mail address, phone numbers), tool ID, tool usage data and location of tool. Mirka may analyse and use my data for product registration and support, market research, product development and marketing. Mirka also use tools (e.g. Google Analytics) to collect information about my use of the app (e.g. what functions I use and when) and my device (e.g. operating system) including my IP address (use data) to evaluate the use of the app and to improve it. The usage data will be saved to a database owned by Mirka and only used by Mirka to assist with product care and product development.

Note! Most, but not all, of Mirka's electric and cordless tools are Bluetooth enabled. Additionally, in some countries the Bluetooth feature is disabled due to local regulations.

Warranty – register Mirka power tools through the myMirka app

If your Mirka Power Tools is Bluetooth enabled, you can register it through the myMirka app.

Download the app from the App Store or Google Play. Click on the "Register tool" button and fill in the warranty registration form.

For easy registration, just connect your Mirka Power Tool with the myMirka app and the product name and serial number will appear automactically in the form.

If you choose not to connect the tool with the app or are located in a country where the Bluetooth feature is disabled, you can insert the serial number by locating the serial number (S/N) barcode on the product package and scanning it. Continue to scan the product EAN or UPC barcode from the product label if the product name does not appear automatically.

Add the date of purchase, upload and store the purchase receipt or invoice and submit the warranty registration.

Read more and follow the step-by-step instructions

Contact us through the myMirka app

It is easy to contact us and give feedback through the myMirka app. Your contact details can be added automatically if you have completed the registration form. Type your message, give a smiley feedback and submit. Your message will be answered at your registered e-mail address.

Read our news

The news button redirects you to our newspage on the website. If no news is published on your local website, or if Mirka does not have a local website in your country, it redirects to our main news page at

View and download documents

The document button redirects you to machine manuals, exploded views and literature available on our websites. You can view or download pdf versions to your device.

Connect your tool through the app

By connecting Mirka’s intelligent electric tools through Bluetooth low-energy technology with the mobile app the operator gets information about the sanding operation. The app measures the momentary vibration level and displays it on a colour-coded gauge. Operators can easily track and follow their exposure level, which is recorded for the last five minutes of operation. Additionally the speed indication is visualised in a separate gauge.

Operators can also measure their daily vibration exposure provided that the tool is always connected to the app. Vibration levels are measured according to the ISO 5349-1:2001(E) standard. The speedometer turns yellow when the operator has been exposed to a maximum daily vibration level of 2.5 m/s2. The app also gives advice on how to reduce the vibrations and informs when the maximum daily vibration exposure is exceeded.

How to connect your tool to the myMirka app‍ 

Connect automatically

You can enable a connect automatically function for the tool that was last connected.
Only one device can be connected through the Bluetooth at once.

Change device name

The myMirka app automatically generates the name of the power tool and the serial number. By editing this, you can give a personal or customised name to your tool.