What kind of electronics does the Mirka AIROS use?

Written by Matti Rossi

Last published at: August 25th, 2021

The cable between the Mirka AIROS sanding head and the control panel is specifically designed to be used in robotic applications.

For the time being, the AIROS comes without a force sensor. External load and force sensors can be fitted, depending of the robot in question. 

The following electronic components are included in the different panels:


Motor Drive Unit

48 V Power Supply Unit


Motor Drive Unit

48 V Power Supply Unit

Profinet Gateway

24 V Power Supply Unit

Profinet Adapter cable

Codes are available in the manual.

Every component can be ordered separately. The Motor Drive Unit can also be connected directly to the 48 V feed of the main panel. Codes for each component, along with the electrical installation overview, are available in the manual.

The motor driver is a non-PLC system that takes input/gives output from a range of different protocols. It is possible to be connected to a PLC and from there to an HMI.

The choice between the different communication systems (Profinet, Modbus and Digital Interface) is with the end-user, depending of the communication system that is being used in a specific application.